Monday, November 03, 2008

The glorious days to come...

... unless you happen to be little and helpless.

I know I promised to get another post in on the brave new world that awaits us under an Obama administration, but I've been so up to my kiester with work and family that I just haven't had the time. (Of course, I'm on salary, so it's not like there's much difference between company time and my time. It's all company time.)

The thing that really worries me about electing Obama along with a Democratic supermajority is the abortocaust. Now, it's not the first time we've had a pro-death president in office, but Clinton had a check on his power in congress. Even before the '94 "contract with America" there were enough Republicans in both houses to make a filibuster possible. Also, Clinton wasn't really committed to the abortion industry. He mouthed the words because his party demanded it, but he wasn't bought and paid for.

Obama is. If he's got a single scruple about the value of helpless life, he's kept it well hidden. His dismissal of Gianna Jessen sums it all up. If you let them live, they cause you all kinds of trouble later.

The BAIPA is the most egregious of his positions on human life, but it's not the most insidious. Consider a couple of seemingly unrelated facts:

1. Barack Obama is both willing and able to use brownshirt tactics to control public discourse. The Fairness Doctrine is one aspect of that. So is the fact that nearly all the mass media are manned by his fans. The mainstream media will say whatever he wants them to. The Fairness Doctrine and other legal muzzles will guarantee that the mainstream media are all the media that are out there.

2. Abortion is a big-money business. There were something like 1.2 million abortions last year. (That figure is lowballed – more in a moment.) The cost runs between $400 and $800 on average; some are as much as $1,200 if it's after a certain point and requires an actual doctor. When you do the math, it adds up to a major cash cow.

The reason 1.2 million is a low figure is that the Guttmacher Institute only tracks reported abortions. It's common practice among abortuary workers to report only those abortions that leave a paper trail. But when there's a cash transaction, all bets are off. And legal attempts to get a clinic's records - for any reason - are a quick route to an ended career. As Phill Kline learned.

So we have an administration that (a) is heavily committed to a huge-money industry and (b) has the capacity to shut off talk that that industry doesn't like.

The first thing to go will be the crisis pregnancy centers. All the Obama campaign has said so far is that he intends to cut off federal funding for the centers, but that's kind of a non-statement. So far as I know, most of them don't get any federal funding. There have been bills introduced in the past to ban them from advertising or even operating at all, as their supposedly deceptive practices are cutting into Planned Parenthood's business.

I'm going to digress a little to marvel at the sheer chutzpah it takes to go after the CPCs. My Lovely and Brilliant Wife volunteered at our local one, and there's absolutely nothing deceptive about it. However, it does give the lie to the canard that pro-lifers only care about babies until after they're born. Crossroads keeps new mothers supplied with diapers and baby clothes, all of them from donations form the community. What support does Planned Barrenhood give women who "choose" not to abort? (Sound of crickets.)

Our CPC is also due to get an ultrasound machine next year, which the abortion lobby is trying to make illegal as well. See, women who see ultrasound of their babies are less likely to opt for an abortion. "Choice" is okay with the abortion industry as long as it's a choice that lines their pockets. That's the real issue abortion clinics have with CPCs: they offer actual alternatives to abortion. Tell me again which one is pro-choice? (Ironically, the reason given by the pro-aborts for prohibiting ultrasounds is that they might pose a risk to the baby. As opposed to the utterly safe alternative of scalding their skin off or jamming sharp objects into their skulls.)

Back to Obama's plans for America. First they'll come for the crisis pregnancy centers. Next will be the sidewalk counselors. My Lovely and Brilliant Wife spent countless days in front of a clinic in San Antonio, and the stories she could tell you would curl your hair. Trigger-happy guards watching for an excuse to shoot someone, sidewalk counselors being assaulted, things like that. One of the saddest things she saw was an older man, father or boyfriend or both, literally dragging a girl out of the minivan as she screamed, "No, no, I don't want to do this!" Two of the clinic "escorts" came in response to her cries for help, and dragged her into the clinic themselves. This isn't rumor; my wife actually watched it happen. Some choice, huh?

Under an Obama regime, you can expect the protesters and sidewalk counselors to be banned altogether. We've already seen how much use our presumptive president has for the first amendment. Want to bet that the Freedom of Access to Clinics Act gets expanded? The pro-lifers couldn't do anything to help that girl in the minivan because the guards had orders to shoot to kill, and the law backed them up. How many of those will go entirely unwitnessed if nobody is even allowed to raise a voice against them?

In my earlier post, I brought up free exercise of religion. That's going to figure even more into Obama's abortion policies. Already states are passing laws forcing pharmacists to dispense abortifacients, even in their own store. Same with hospitals. Doctors are being targeted even now for the same thing. We've gone from a fight to allow them to do abortions to a fight to force them to. Again, it's all about choice, isn't it?

Although the stereotype of the pro-lifer is a big-haired Bible-banging fundamentalist, the big enemy of abortion is the Catholics. See, it's absolutely, unequivocally forbidden for any Catholic to take part in an abortion in any way. If my medi-cab company ever told me to drive a woman to an abortion clinic (a service they've been known to provide), I'd have to quit. Period. Any Catholic who participates in abortion in any way is automatically excommunicated. No ceremony or official action is needed; you're barred from the sacraments immediately. (Contrary to popular belief, excommunication isn't the same as damnation. However, since it's also a mortal is to participate in abortion, dying without absolution for it does> land you in hell.)

Fundamentalists (however you define the word) make up a much smaller proportion of the country than Catholics do. The health-care professions are filled with us. The goal of eliminating conscience exemptions is not a blow against the fundamentalist caricature, but a concerted effort to expel all Catholics from the health-care field. If you change the rules so that a practicing Catholic is required to do things to keep his job that his faith absolutely forbids, the only Catholics you'll have left are the ones whose principles are for sale. Naturally, there won't be any new ones entering the professions, either. The less-numerous Protestant pro-lifers will be much easier to weed out once health care is entirely Katolischenfrei. (I'm not running down Protestant fervor on life issues; quite the contrary. But let's face it - we're more numerous and better organized, and hence a bigger thorn in their side.)

Finally, as I alluded to last week, the Fairness Doctrine and other free-speech-suppression tactics will be to the abortion industry's benefit as well. When the FCC won't issue licenses to religious radio stations, when the Internet is scoured of conservative content, when anyone who speaks out is subjected to investigation and harassment (you think Joe the Plumber was an anomaly?), the abortion industry will have no oversight and no restrictions whatsoever. You think abortion workers will be bound by consciences or limits on their own? Ask Carol Everett or Jill Stanek. But do it fast. If Obama wins, they'll be a lot harder to hear.

The bottom line in an Obama presidency: Live babies bad, dead babies good. If you don't like it, keep your mouth shut.

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