Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get that thing off my roof, fat boy!

Here at the Greatest Newspaper in the Northwest™, the Christmas season (yes, I know it should be Advent) begins in mid-November with the usual mountain of gift-sale advertising.

I say "begins," but actually what it does is plow into us like necrotizing fasciitis on meth, leaving nothing but douglas-fir-scented, tinsel-bedecked wreckage in its path. I used to like the holiday season when I was young. At least, I'm pretty sure I must have. Now I just go around humming this:

Incidentally, does anybody still read this blog and want another round of Cheesy Christmas Movies? I have some ready to put up if anybody cares. Maybe it'll take some of the sting out of the season.

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heroditus huxley said...

I still read your blog. And I really hate the commercialization of Christmas, too. When I was fifteen, the only thing I asked for my birthday was to take down the Christmas tree. Which they did. On my birthday. My birthday on the eleventh of March.