Sunday, June 02, 2013

And here she is!

As you can see, my Virtuous and Excellent Daughter was absolutely breathtaking. (Pay no attention to the geezer next to her.)

The wedding went off fairly well. Ostrogoth had a meltdown on the way out the door and had to be dragged bodily to the car, but was all sugar once we arrived. Not so Octopus Boy, who pitched the mother of all tantrums halfway through the ceremony and had to be removed by Drama Queen. I kid you not, I could hear his screams all the way in from the parking lot. That kid has a set of lungs that would make professional hog-callers wince.

We had a little confusion when VaED announced that the cake-cutting would be at a neighborhood park, forgetting to mention it to her new husband beforehand. But he's pretty used to rolling with the punches, which is exactly the sort of husband she needs. They fit well together.

Minor bobbles, but they ended up married in the end. And that was really the whole point of the exercise, wasn't it?

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