Thursday, September 02, 2010

Placing the blame where it belongs

When George Tiller was offed, all us pro-lifers were expected to share in the guilt, because, after all, it was our impassioned rhetoric that led to the crime. Will environmental protectionists and population-control advocates step up and take the same responsibility for this yahoo in Maryland?


Thought so.

Thing is, it's just as useless for pro-birth-control people to distance themselves from Lee as it was for pro-lifers to distance themselves from Roeder. We actually agree with Roeder that abortion is murder; just most of us don't think more murder is the answer. By the same token, the anti-baby crowd actually does believe that humans are a blight on the planet and people should be forcibly prevented from creating more life. They sneer at the Duggars, and watch for the disintegration of the Gosselin family, and demand more and more contraception and abortion in places where those backward brown people keep breeding like rodents. They stop short of taking over a building at gunpoint, because that's not nice. But when someone else hears their words and takes that sort of action, are their hands clean?

Next anti-birth person I hear taking any responsibility whatsoever will be the first. It's just not in their nature.

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