Monday, July 11, 2011

New father in town

It looks like we'll be getting us a new priest at The Greatest Catholic Parish in the Northwest™. I'm really sorry to lose Father Felipe, and I'd give a kidney (maybe even one of my own) if we could get Fr. Brooks Beaulaurier back, but that ain't a-gonna happen.

Still, it looks like we're getting a good one in his place. I did a little googling and found this article on him, coincidentally written by a friend of mine. I really like the look of the good Fr. Dufner.

I also happen to agree with him on the question of illegal immigration. My fellow conservatives can like that or lump it. But I didn't do a durn thing to earn my citizenship; I merely had the good fortune to be born into it. Some of the illegal immigrants I've known have done a lot more good than I have here, and yet they can't even apply for fear of being found out. There's something wrong with a system that gives citizenship to useless worms like my daughter's ex-loser, but denies it to people who work 16 hours a day picking asparagus and raise their kids to be upright and decent.