Monday, August 29, 2011

Lynch mobs of love

As I've said before, I don't hate gay people. True, I have opinions about the morality of some of their actions, which is not the same thing. The few gay folks I know are probably aware of this and don't really care what I think. So the matter never comes up.

Others aren't so lucky. One blogger's expression of distaste for a homosexual display has thrust her right in the path of the gay jihad. Lavender warriors have bravely descended on her en masse (with their names courageously concealed) to clog up her comment boxes with... well, they're gay, so we can't really call it hate, can we? But certainly extreme disapproval.

Naturally, it's not just that one post that draws their righteous indignation. Anything this blogger writes is up for vilification, as well as any post in her defense. By now someone has certainly traced her home address and phone number. It took me two minutes.

But it's all right, because we're the hateful ones here. They're just loving, peaceful people who happen to form a lynch mob.

Nota bene: I'll tolerate nasty comments up to a point, provided your name and e-mail are included and you keep the language clean. Post anonymously or obscenely, and I'll edit your comments in any way that amuses me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who could have seen this coming?

We allow our betters in the school system to groom kids for molestation, and call it "sex education." We bend over backwards (probably the safer direction) to pander to the Pervo-American community, and pride ourselves on our commitment to diversity. We carefully sift out any reference to homosexuality and pretend that being a priest is what makes a man a predator.

And when one man made the mistake of stating the obvious after the Lawrence decision years ago, his very name was turned into a filthy word all across the Internet.

But of course, this is completely out of left field. No connection whatsoever.

Mark Shea said it well: the day will come when the Catholic Church is vilified both for condoning pedophilia and for condemning it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Teacher who fails to genuflect to his homosexual betters...

... may lose his job for it.

Remember, these are the people who insist they're just like anybody else. So if Buell had expressed his private opinion in favor of same-sex "marriage," would he be hounded from the classroom?

Don't be silly.