Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A patron saint for bloggers

Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester, has a discussion going as to who should be the patron saint of the blogosphere. Augustine of Hippo has been nominated, but Jeff's pulling for St. Jerome. Augustine's my patron (I chose him because he reminded me a lot of C. S. Lewis), but I'm tempted to go along with Jeff on this one.

Then again, Jerome was a little too mainstream to represent such a motley crew as bloggers. His translation of the Bible is still the standard today. I think maybe we need somebody a little more disreputable. Any suggestions?


Christina Martin said...

If disreputable is what you're looking, St. Augustine might be a good choice; he did live a wild life before his conversion. Or what about St. Paul, who was ever controversial, opinionated, and outspoken? Seems like a perfect match... I bet if he were around today, he'd be blogging.

Joel said...

Yeah, Paul never could shut up, could he? :)

Karen Marie said...

She's only a venerable right now, but her time will come; how about Dorothy Day of New York City. She was a rabblerousing journalist both before her conversion, and in the service of the Church but still just as rabblerousing after her conversion.

karen marie