Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hillary in a past life

Lord knows nobody's ever going to mistake me for a Hillary fan, but this is rather over the top. Which doesn't stop me from deriving a certain glee from the comparison.
We know that Shirley MacLaine, and other Hollywood types, believe in past lives. Reincarnation is, of course, a cornerstone belief of the Buddhist religion.

Is there evidence that Hillary Clinton has lived before? We know that the media won't press her on her beliefs. The mainstream media is perfectly willing to press Romney on his religion, and even ask him and his wife whether they engaged in premarital sex. But that sort of thing is off limits for Democrats (it should, of course, be off limits for Republicans too, but the mainstream media has no limit as to the areas in which Republicans are subject to smear, including outright encouragement of religious bigotry with regard to Romney).

Hooever, we don't have to invade the privacy of Senator Clinton. Whether she knows it or not, there is empirical evidence that she has lived before.

"One of the proudest and most cruel women on the face of the earth, and her whole history is a record of blood and deeds of horror." ...."the modern Messalina"; "a terrible woman...possessed by the lust of power and cruelty": so go the descriptions of a woman who came to power because of her former status as "first lady."

If you grant a little license to use "blood" in the figurative sense, do not the above descriptions fit Hillary Clinton? By many accounts, they do. Dick Morris, who knew Hillary Clinton well, would certainly recognize the above descriptions as applying to Hillary Clinton.

But the person being described is NOT Hillary Clinton. It is...

...here. And there's a little extra historical background here. Thank God (and I mean it literally) for a constitution that would make it impossible for Hillary to live out the same pattern, if she were so inclined.

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