Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh. Dear. Lord.

This is almost enough to make me violently ill.
It is time, in my belief, for Stacey Cowles to assume a position of leadership, to physically and dynamically lead us into the future as both end-users of journalism and journalists alike. This should not be done with tersely-worded statements of regret, pithy little acts of contrition really, but with all the power and authority vested in himself as the owner of Spokane's single biggest source of news journalism.

This is my formal call: in print or in the blogs, PLEASE, Stacey, meet us there, and assume control of all our combined positive energies and organize us all into a cohesive force, not just those who work tirelessly at the Spokesman, but an entire community of like-minded citizens. Traditional corporate thinking says that such a thing has never or cannot be done. I disagree. Send the call to the tribes of man, those in our community who are willing to say, "Here I am, Boss. Send me."

I'm not even talking about the abuse of the passage from Isaiah. Given Stacey Cowles' past conduct, I'd almost rather look for leadership from either of the two women below. Not quite, but almost. He's a slimy SOB, and Steve Smith is his faithful toady. If you think the owner and publisher of the Spokesman-Review is fit to lead a pack of jackals to a zebra carcass, ask Kevin Coe..

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