Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's not voter suppression if the good guys do it

Remember, it's RethugliKKKans who want to suppress votes (by insisting that they come from actual, you know, voters, and preferably ones that are still alive.)

I know exactly where they got the names. Huffington Post, the infallible prophet of left-wing America, regularly posts donor names and cities in the hope that its disciples can use them to mete out punishment to the heretics.

For some reason, it doesn't surprise me that the letters came from Seattle. The cities in the Northwest aren't just liberal; they're bitterly, pugnaciously liberal. If you're not, you're The Enemy and any means used to squash you are justified beyond question. It's not just Seattle; while I have a soft spot in my heart for Portland, I'd never live there again.

In 2008, Long Drink (who lives in a Seattle suburb) wore a John McCain shirt to school one day as an experiment, and was greeted with jeers, profanities and at least one physical assault. Unsurprisingly, the day he wore an Obama shirt, nobody blinked.

And of course, Florida is a logical target. It's a swing state that is currently leaning just slightly toward Romney. God grant that this backfires on the Obama campaign there.

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