Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back in the paper again

A column I wrote appeared in Monday's edition of the Greatest Newspaper in the Northwest™. The "My Turn" feature is a rotating thing among the editorial staff. I used to do those regularly, the only non-reporter in the place who did, but with one thing and another I've been on hiatus for several years. In fact, the last time I did one, the paper didn't have a functioning website. I've kind of missed getting to write those, although blogging fills the need to some extent. There's an ego thing involved, too; being stopped on the sidewalk by people who enjoyed something I wrote. It's a small town, so that happens. (Alas, the editor trimmed some of the funny stuff out for space. The original was better but too long.)

I got a very positive e-mail on it this morning from my former editor (now managing editor at the Sequim Gazette), and that really made my week more than anything else. Her standards are high, and she doesn't compliment anyone's writing lightly. (A side note: she also took the picture that's with the column, back in 1999 when she was a mere reporter and I was the cut-and-paste guy.)

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