Friday, October 12, 2007

Looks like their plan worked

I never had any doubt that the resolution on the Armenian genocide was a calculated move to cheese off Turkey and lose us support in the Middle East. Let's be honest: it was a genocide. Everyone knew it was a genocide, except the Turks, who foam at the mouth when the subject is brought up. Congress could have passed a hundred resolutions like this a long time ago, or better yet, acknowledged that it was so bleedin' obvious that it didn't need a congressional resolution. Do they pass resolutions declaring that water is wet?

No, the only reason it was brought up now is that Nancy Pelosi wanted to cut the administration off at the knees, and it didn't matter how much long-term damage was done to the country's interests. I'm not so simplistic as to believe that all Democrats hate America; our political scene a lot more complicated than that. But this congress certainly hates the Bush administration enough not to care what they do to America in the process of harming the presidency. Between playing footsie with Syria and deliberately alienating our ally simply because it's our ally, Nancy Pelosi is demonstrating why she must never, never be allowed in a position of power that will affect foreign policy.

Congratulations, Madam Speaker. I'm sure the soldiers who will die, and the Kurds who will almost certainly be massacred the minute we turn our back, are all comforted that at least you helped make the remaining months of Bush's presidency harder on him. Bully for you.

Maybe a hundred years from now, we can pass a resolution declaring that the destruction of the Kurds was a genocide too. That'll make it all better.

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