Sunday, October 21, 2007

Water needed for New Hope Farms

I know Atlanta's in worse shape right now, but it sure would be nice if this place got the well it needs, too.
New Hope Farms, a 29-year-old home for 18 developmentally disabled adults at Goldendale, is in a crisis. It needs $85,000 to complete its new water system or it'll have to close.

The farm was founded in 1978 when a farmer and an idealist got together, the farmer donating 40 acres and the idealist bringing the first few men to live on the farm and raise turkeys.

The farm no longer raises pigs, rabbits or turkeys. Instead, backers say, it "grows love."

Full story here.

I remember when New Hope Farms actually was a working farm, as the people who ran it went to our church in town. My grandmother was one of the early volunteers; she used to spend several days at a whack living with the "kids" out there. I don't know how many places like New Hope are out there, but when you hear the horror stories about some of the institutions the developmentally disabled have had to live in, you can really appreciate the good ones. It'd be a shame if they had to close down for lack of water.

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