Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just enough of me, way too much of you

Ironically, this guy would probably describe himself as "pro-choice."
It's incredible that so few understand and are alarmed by the very high probability that humans will very soon be extinct if we don't greatly reduce the number of people depending on the planet's limited life-support systems.

The United Nations' conclusion that "only urgent global action will do" in dealing with climate change (Nov. 18) is sobering indeed. But since human activity is the primary cause, the solution is a right-in-our-face no-brainer: Reduce human activity! And do it now, with aggressive, mandatory, global birth control! That's clearly a quick, no-nonsense, low-cost solution.

Just as vaccinations are mandatory for the world's most dreaded diseases, we must now have mandatory worldwide birth control until humans, in excessive numbers, are no longer a threat to our planet's health. An analogy: When parasites infest an animal until it dies they simply find another host. Like blind fools, we're doing the same thing to our planet with overpopulation, which, like a biblical plague, is consuming and contaminating all of our life-support systems at an alarming rate...

Without question, large families must now be taboo. Of course there will be fierce opposition to mandatory birth control on several fronts of self-interest, the Vatican being one. But are we going to be serious about saving mankind? There's no time left for arguing.

The author is a 73-year-old retired teacher living in Tillamook. Which means he's old, past his productive years, and sullying with human presence an area of great natural beauty. And yet he adamantly refuses to remove himself from the earth, demanding instead that families like mine be eliminated. By force if necessary.

The jackassery is staggering.

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