Friday, January 18, 2008

Prayer request

Thanks, all, for your patience. As sleep deprivation becomes the norm, I'll resume blogging shortly. I have a lot of stuff I've been meaning to put up, so there'll probably be a flood in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Dani at Life in 3D is asking for prayers for her nieces, who have been taken from their family by Child Protective Services. If you're not from the Northwest, you may think of CPS as a benign government agency. In Washington, they're not. These are the fine folks who brought you the Wenatchee trials, in the next county over. A visit from CPS in this state is like a knock in the night from the KGB.

I only know the people involved slightly, but Dani knows them well, and she wouldn't take their side reflexively. If she says the seizure is unjustified, it is. I also strongly suspect that the grandparents are suspect in CPS' eyes because they're Evangelical Christians. That was a major factor at Wenatchee, and I think it probably continues to be.

St. Helen of Skofde, friend of the falsely accused, pray for this couple, that their case may be heard by a fair and impartial judge, that the truth might be known and that the false witnesses may be refuted once and for all.

St Dagobert, protector of abducted children, pray for Dani's nieces, that they might be comforted and housed among Godly people. Pray for their safety from the predators who abuse the foster care system, and their protection from those who would turn them against their parents. Finally, St. Dagobert, pray for their swift return to their family.

Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us.

Lord, may these prayers from your people strengthen these parents, comfort the children, and bring the truth to light. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord, Amen.

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