Monday, January 07, 2008

A little bit of a break

From blogging, if not from anything else. Tomorrow at seven, my Lovely and Brilliant Wife and I are heading over to Samaritan Hospital (a whole three blocks away) for a scheduled Caesarian. So for obvious reasons, neither of us are likely to be in front of a computer for a while.

This one is a boy, his name is gong to be Peter Carroll Martin, and he is baby number eight. Just so we have all the specifics straight.

Prayers would be appreciated. Christina's a little nervous, as this one has had some minor complications (not least of which is that she's 40). We'll update as the opportunity arises. See y'all later!

Update: He was born at 9:57 this morning. 7 pounds 2, 19 inches, for those who collect stats. They're both doing fine, especially Christina, who's finding that morphine makes everything seem easier. :)

Pictures will follow when the opportunity arises.

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