Friday, October 03, 2008

I sound my barbaric oink

I used to have an agreement with some of the ladies I worked with, that I was allowed to be a misogynist only on odd-numbered days. This, of course, was before I met my Lovely and Brilliant Wife, who has created in me a genuine appreciation for all that is wonderful in women. (I should mention that our living-room couch is lumpy and too short.)

Be that as it may, tonight I thought I'd revert to my porcine ways with this soundie from the Internet Archive. Gentlemen, you'll want to tell your wives you're watching something on Lifetime or something. It's clean, but it's sexist enough to make your knuckles drag even while you're in front of your computer.

From either 1941 or 1936 (it seems to be in question), here's "Gags and Gals."

A side note: I remember my ex-wife singing one of these songs (the "playmate" one) to Wharf Rat when she was little. I doubt this is how she envisioned it.)

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