Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today's family values post

Your 13-year-old daughter's boyfriend breaks up with her. You learn that he took naked picutres of both of them. Do you:

A) Take a tire iron to the little hemorrhoid until he bleeds from every orifice, or
B) Blackmail him into dating your daughter again?
Police are investigating whether an Elgin woman used nude photos of her daughter's 13-year-old ex-boyfriend as blackmail to get the two back together.

No charges have been filed, but police confirmed Monday they are actively pursuing counts of intimidation, harassment and child pornography possession in the case that originated in Sleepy Hollow...

The probe began Aug. 21 when a couple from Sleepy Hollow reported to police that their son received hundreds of threatening e-mails and text messages after the boy and his 13-year-old girlfriend of five months broke up, according to an officer's sworn affidavit.

The parents told police their son admitted he and the girl had taken naked photos of themselves while dating, sharing them with each other with their cell phones, but the pictures of the girl no longer exist.

The parents said that after the breakup the girl's mother told the boy she'd tell his parents about the images of him and post them online unless the youngsters started seeing each other again.

In another tactic, the mother set up an e-mail account the boy could use to contact her daughter without his parents knowing, according to an officer's sworn affidavit.

With such fine parenting, how could these kids ever have gone wrong?

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