Monday, October 06, 2008

I've wondered about this

From the Portland Tribune:
A recent Google search showed that commenters on the Internet frequently have referred to Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, as “Sally.”

And if that doesn’t seem significant, you’re probably not the real Sally Palin, Sarah’s cousin by marriage, who runs an up-and-coming yarn shop on Northeast Alberta Street called Close Knit.

Sally’s husband, Greg, is a cousin of Sarah’s husband. The families have had dinner together. “She’s an impressive person,” Sally says of Sarah Palin.

Sally Palin says it’s been downright surreal to turn on the television during the Republican convention and see her last name on banners. But after wrestling with the family connection, Sally, who along with her husband is a Democrat, will vote against Sarah Palin.

“I admire her,” she says, “but I don’t agree with her politics.”

Greg is my second cousin on the other side, through his mom's family. When I first heard about the lovely Sarah's election as governor a few years ago, I wondered if there was a connection. I haven't seen Greg in a lot of years, but we were pretty close as kids. He used to spend chunks of the summer staying with us in Goldendale. Greatness several times removed, I guess.

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