Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beyond pro-life

I just read Bill's account of little Grace Elizabeth's brief time on earth. Read this first, for the background. Go ahead and read them both; I'll wait.

Back? Okay. Isn't it... well... amazing?

I love children, and I believe in the worth of all people, but Bill and Rebecca leave me humbled. Forget putting your money where your mouth is; these people put their heart and soul there, too. They have adopted and nurtured babies that both law and society have literally designated human trash. These children are like snowflakes; they should be treasured rather than just shoveled out of the way. A world filled with Donaghys would be one where the worth of a human life was never in question. Pro-life or anti-life would be irrelevant.

May God teach the rest of us to love even a fraction as well as this.

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