Friday, January 09, 2009

Newfies in Nassau

Ken posted several YouTubed versions of the classic song "Sloop John B," including one I'd never heard. It made me want to post my own favorite version, which is probably a little weird for Kingston Trio purists:

That's a group out of Newfoundland called Kilkenny Krew. They're a fairly typical example of traditional Newfie music. It's not quite Irish, and it's not quite Canadian (they would recoil even at the thought), but it's got a strong flavor of icy salt water with just a dash of belly-roasting whiskey and a strong aroma of cod. Even with the difference in latitude, this Caribbean song seems well at home with Newfoundlander sailors.

(Side note: For about half a year, Visigoth couldn't be put to bed without sitting in the rocker with me singing this at least twice beforehand.)

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