Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Midwife at Auschwitz

Two good things came out of that hellish piece of history we call the Holocaust. First, the world was finally willing to allow Jews to have their own country, a place where they need not fear that the country they live in will turn on them.

Second, and far more important from an eternal perspective, it created an anvil on which saints were forged. Not just nice people, but the sort of saints whose mere existence is proof that God has not abandoned us altogether. The forge at Auschwitz broke most of those who were hammered against it, but there were a few who brought the light of God into the darkest place man has managed to devise yet. For them, canonization is only the feeblest gesture. Still, it's the least we owe them.

Here is one of those. Read it with your hat off.

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