Monday, August 15, 2005

Get thee behind me

Derick Cooper seems to have a neighbor problem. I sympathize to a point, I really do. One of our neighbors (we think we know who, but we're not sure) seems not to have enough to do, and spends her timekeeping vigil on other houses out her front window. One day, first thing in the morning after a windstorm, she called the police to complain that we had branches from our tree on the lawn. They'd been there, oh, gosh, I'll bet it was at least four hours! Now I have to get rid of my car, the one I've had for 16 years, she can't handle the sight of a car with outdated license plates in my driveway. A new ordinance to clean up junk cars in town could be technically applied to mine, so there we go. It really hurts, too, because it was my project. It's an Olds Delta 88 with a 455 c.i. engine. (No, the one in the picture isn't mine. But it could have looked that good someday if I had had time to work on it.) Now it's headed for the scrap pile.

So like I said, I can sympathize with the guy in Florida. I wonder what the legal limit on residential signage is in Moses Lake.

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