Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's about time!

Looks like the teenie-bopper media are finally starting to wake up and realize that bulimia ain't beautiful.

I've never had much stomach for the desperate drive to thinness among the female of the species, perhaps because I've never had much stomach at all. I'm long and scrawny, enough so that I sometimes don't show up on the height-weight charts at all. What kind of a pervert would I be if I sought out a woman shaped like myself? I just don't find unupholstered women interesting; broads should be broad!

Even more important, I have three daughters, and so far, none of them has fallen prey to the insidious meme that they need to be thinner. I was a little concerned about one of them for a while, but it turned out just to be a reaction to my cooking. Now that she's in culinary school herself, I don't think I have to worry that she'll starve herself to death.

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