Monday, September 10, 2007

Let's play "Count the Ironies!"

The Democratic Party (which considers itself the sole advocate of Hispanics, immigrants and diversity, and is vehemently oppposed to "official English" laws), held a Spanish-language debate in which the questions and answers were translated for the candidates through earpieces. Two candidates were actually fluent Spanish speakers but were not allowed to speak Spanish to a Spanish-speaking audience. Apparently abilities that allow a person to rise above the herd are contrary to the Democratic ideal. (As is actual Hispanicness, as opposed to superficialities that can be exploited in the media.)

Incidentally, how many people are aware that President Bush actually speaks fluent Spanish? This despite dyslexia that makes his have to work twice as hard to express himself in any language. But then, he's just a Gringo racist Republican, so his Spanish and familiarity with Hispanic culture don't count.

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