Thursday, September 27, 2007

Next time you're hot and thirsty, reach for an icy-cold can of...

... Linebacker sweat!
Jones Soda (Nasdaq: JSDA), you sweat hog! The edgy soda-pop maker is coming out with a limited-edition pack of gridiron-themed flavors to coincide with its debut this month as the exclusive soft drink provider at Seattle Seahawks home games.

Running Back Root Beer? Hail Berry? Post Pattern Punch? You're dreaming if you think Jones Soda will settle for flavors like those. The company has never shied away from putting out some pretty funky flavors over the holidays, so don't be surprised to learn that two of the five new flavors target dirt and sweat.

The five flavors?

* Dirt Soda
* Sports Cream Soda
* Perspiration Soda
* Natural Field Turf Soda
* Sweet Victory Soda

Thanks, but no.

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