Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where is H. L. Mencken when you need him?

A schoolteacher has been sued for bathing too much.
Many people find the sound of running water soothing and peaceful.

Not Marvin and Goldie Smith, who have sued their neighbor over her 5 a.m. baths.

The couple, 83 and 78 respectively, live on the eighth floor of the Polo Club Condominiums near the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. They claim the water pipes they share with the woman below them vibrate so badly they can't sleep through her early morning baths.

The bather - Shannon Peterson, a special education teacher in the Arvada public schools - can't believe she's being sued for bathing before leaving for work...

The Smiths sued Peterson just before Christmas, citing the "reckless and negligent use of her bathtub."

H/T to Overlawyered, which I've just discovered but will make a point of reading from now on. Lots of great stuff there!

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