Friday, November 07, 2008

Good church, bad church

So gay people in California are cheesed at the Mormon Church for supporting Proposition 8. Boycotts are planned, and apparently there have already been protests and minor violent incidents. There's a push to get the Church's tax-exempt status revoked on the grounds that they had no business getting involved in politics.

I notice, however, that the same people who most vigorously oppose mixing religion and politics aren't calling for a similar action against the liberal churches that fought hard against the proposition. I haven't heard the gay activists calling for a single boycott or IRS audit of the Episcopal, Unitarian or Metropolitan Community churches over their involvement in the area. My UU-minister aunt has worked hard for the gay marriage cause here in Washington. I'm not on the same side, but you don't see me or any other conservative shouting for revenge on her church for taking a stand. That's what religious people do: they vote their consciences. Why hold it only against one side?

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