Friday, November 14, 2008

Two possible reactions

In a related case, a group of Christians held a funeral for a baby, born alive, and left to die on the roof of an abortion clinic. The response from the president-elect was that it was a disgusting political ploy.

Okay, so they called his attention to it intentionally to highlight his response. It was Operation Rescue, after all, and they're not known for subtlety. But what happened to the child was real, and despicable. It was completely unworthy of any civilized society.

Now, there are two possible reactions to something like this. One is to say, "My God, this murder was an abomination. Things like that must not be allowed to happen." The other is to say, "Why are you making me look at something that makes me so uncomfortable?You're only trying to make me look bad!" Guess which one Barack Obama chose?

This gives us more insight into his character than a hundred televised debates. It's not a political ploy, dammit! It's a human being! If human life is so worthless to this man that he cannot spare even a moment's sorrow, but thinks only of his political position, then he is utterly without conscience and all his charm is the façade of the sociopath.

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