Monday, November 03, 2008

A matter of equal writhes rights

First off, women my own age are not too old to take off their clothes in public, thank you very much.
Kimberlee Ouwroulis doesn’t believe her age should be a roadblock to success.

So, the 44-year-old adult dancer from Stouffville has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, alleging the owner of a Mississauga strip club fired her because she was too old.

“He told me that the club is going in a new direction with younger girls,” Ms Ouwroulis said. “That’s age discrimination to me.”

I have no axe to grind here; I don't frequent girlie bars and it wouldn't break my heart to see them go out of business. But if she can still bring in the customers, that seems to justify her on capitalistic grounds. A strip club owner is in kind of a poor position to take the high ground on anything, including aesthetics. Especially since he's 49 years old himself and I'll bet he doesn't look like a movie star.

(I do get a chuckle out of the idea that the guy paying her to give lap dances is called "Mr. Sit.")

On the other hand, maybe this is a god business opportunity for some enterprising person to start a club featuring elder ecdysiasts. Call it "Saggy's Place" or something. Chez Oedipus?

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