Monday, November 14, 2005

Teenagers plus nekkid wimmen probably don't equal good sense

Here's a good reason I don't mourn my lost youth too much. I did some dumb things as a teenager, but at least I never did this!

Seems a couple of 18-year-old horndogs went out to a nudie bar and weren't familiar with the rules in the establishment.
The two teens kicked off the night by sitting near the stage as the dancers "danced." Then Everett and Wakji were invited by dancers Orchard and Carmela to adjourn to the VIP Room for private lap dances. By the time the strip club closed at 2 a.m., Everett and Wakji had, according to the club manager, been the recipients of 82 lap dances - 41 each.

At about three minutes per dance, this is roughly one hour and 23 minutes of having a naked person sitting on you. A thing like that isn't cheap.

Each dance is marked by a song, club manager Jonnie McArthur told police. When the song ends, the $30 dance is over.

How on earth can you have an unclothed stranger gyrating on top of your genitals for almost an hour and a half and never once wonder, "Now why is she being so friendly to me? Is she going to maybe want money for this?" I know randy teens are known for thinking with the wrong parts, but this requires a level of distraction not usually seen this side of Porky's!

Looks like the criminal charges were dropped. I suspect they had enough punishment just from having to call their parents to bail them out. They'll be a long time living this down.

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